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At the intersection of technology and wellness


Tony Frick is Chair, President and CEO of Husk – a technology and wellness company whose purpose is to empower healthier living by enabling people to navigate a host of different wellness benefits.

Previously known as GlobalFit, the rebrand of this wellness technology company reflects a recent diversification of its offering into tele-nutrition, tele-mental health, wellness rewards and digital fitness, with a wellness marketplace that offers best-in-class pricing to the biggest brands in the industry.

Husk still operates in the corporate wellness world, but rather than simply offering employers bulk purchases of discounted fitness memberships, it now focuses on using its technology and wellness platform to help employees access the diverse wellness and preventative wellness interventions they need, quicker, to the benefit of all.

As such, says Frick, Husk now sits “at the intersection of technology and wellness”.

We were understandably excited to invite him onto The Wexer Podcast. Tune in as he shares his thoughts on…

  • Why wellness benefits for employees are no longer a nice-to-have. “Younger millennials and Gen Zs are frankly demanding these types of services.”
  • How powerful digital delivery can be – but why in wellness as in fitness, technology still isn’t a replacement for in-person services. “Our focus needs to be on what’s best for the individual. Some days digital is enough. Other days you’ll need to meet in-person.”
  • How technology provides a lower cost / higher value / greater ROI way to get people more quickly to the first point of effective intervention – at scale.
  • Why we must stop thinking of clients as one-dimensional, but rather as contemporary wellness enthusiasts with a diversity of interests who can consume a lot of different offerings depending on their needs each day.
  • Why this need for a flexible, diverse offering means partnerships will be the way to drive the best outcomes – for providers, employers and employees. We don’t all have to deliver everything, but we do need to bring down the silos and co-operate.
  • Why the next big digital wellness trends will be financial wellness and physical therapy for musculoskeletal issues.


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