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As we slowly emerge from the crisis that has shaped all of our lives over the past year, health and wellbeing is firmly on people’s radar – more so than ever before. The result: where high-quality leisure services were already establishing a strong foothold on the list of important value-adds in any multi-family housing development, such facilities are now a non-negotiable.

The only question is: what will your health, fitness and wellbeing facilities look like? How will you not just meet, but exceed, residents’ expectations?


Flexibility comes first

Given the broad scope of needs within any residential development, flexibility is key: flexibility in content, time, location. Engagement will be driven by delivering the exact experiences people want, when and where they want them.

For some residents, what they want will be a communal vibe – a more traditional fitness space, where after months of lockdown they can finally come together to exercise, connect and develop relationships. Now more than ever, a fitness center will be hugely valuable in developing a sense of community within your development; a community to which people belong, and which they will be reluctant to leave.

Others will simply prefer working out in a designated fitness space, even if their working patterns, for example, mean they need to train in the early hours when there are fewer people around.

Then there are those who, particularly after a year in which these habits have become deeply engrained, prefer to exercise in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

How will you cater for these diverse needs, working patterns and lifestyle choices?

The answer is, with a digital fitness solution – and it’s why Wexer is the ideal partner for multi-family housing developers.


The in-person experience

Group exercise has long been one of the most popular elements of a health club’s offering, but it can be hard to offer within unmanned, 24/7 environments such as a multi-family housing fitness center.

Wexer Virtual is the answer: a virtual group exercise offering that can cost-effectively provide your residents with world-class fitness experiences at any time of the day or night.

With a sleek, user-friendly interface, residents can use the system on-demand, choosing the class that suits them at a time to suit them. With over 1,600 workouts on offer – from HIIT to mind-body, strength to dance and far more – all led by the world’s top instructors and catering for all levels of fitness and experience, there’s something for everyone.

Should you wish, you can also schedule classes at certain times of day, creating a timetable that will draw people together at the same time (of course, safely and socially distanced for now) to take part in their regular class.

A Wexer Virtual studio can be created in just about any space, whether that’s an existing exercise room in your fitness center or even an under-used communal area elsewhere in your development: just add a large screen, a high-quality AV system for an inspirational environment, and a Wexer Player.

And its reliability is second to none, with a robust, commercial-grade platform that boasts over 99.9 per cent up-time. Not only that, but our tech support team is on-hand 24/7 to quickly address any issues that do arise – perfect for a multi-family environment, where potential 24/7 usage makes seamless reliability key.


Wellness on residents’ terms

Then there’s the Wexer Web Player, a web-based portal that allows exercisers to stream their choice of hundreds of virtual group classes to any internet-enabled device, allowing them to work out (or indeed chill out, in a meditation session) wherever and whenever they choose.

Whether your residents want to train in their apartment, in the park, at work – or even during their commute – the Wexer Web Player makes it possible, with a world of exercise choice instantly accessible via a simple password log-in on their phone, their tablet, their laptop.

And for you, the residential developer/operator, data gathered on usage patterns means you’re able to fine-tune the service to perfectly suit the residents in each and every development, with tailored class collections to match the profile of each location. You can even white label the platform, so residents perceive it as an added value offering that comes directly from you.

This is wellness as consumers now expect it: personalized to them, accessible instantly through the devices they choose to use, simple to use. Wellness on their terms. And it’s an incredible tool to build loyalty to your brand, your development.


An ecosystem of experiences

Of course, this isn’t an either/or: the highest bang for your buck comes when you bring together Virtual + Web Player in the same ecosystem, giving your residents the chance to take part in their favorite experiences at home when it suits them, in the community of your fitness center at other times.

It all goes back to the need for flexibility – but crucially, flexibility with consistency, so residents’ fitness and wellbeing experiences hit the same world-class standards wherever and whenever they choose to take part.


With Wexer technology, you will exceed your residents’ expectations. With the support of our team, you will confidently take each new step in your digital journey. Get in touch to find out more: johanna.bell@wexer.com



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