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Give your residents the gift of wellness this holiday season


As COVID cases and fatalities continue to rise, there is a growing appreciation – across all walks of life – of the value of exercise in staying physically and mentally well.

During the summer, exercise seemed easier: heading outside for a walk, jog or cycle was something that could be done with little planning, and with the sun shining it even felt enjoyable. But with winter now upon us, exercising in the great outdoors suddenly seems less attractive. People are understandably bringing their fitness routines indoors.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean a gym, even where these are open. Some people are of course heading back to fitness facilities, but the data has shown the on-demand option from the comfort of home is where most people are turning for their wellness journey, free of any concerns they might be putting themselves or others at risk. 

As a multi-family housing developer, what are you doing to support your residents in this respect? Are you adding value to the relationship through high-quality wellness provision? Are you putting measures in place to ensure you’re part of the solution to the ongoing health crisis?

If you’re still looking for the perfect way to do this, allow us to introduce the Wexer Web Player

This white labelled, password-protected platform gives residents access to world-class fitness whenever and wherever they want it. They simply log in to the portal through any internet-enabled device, choose whatever class meet their needs from a diverse library of over 600 on-demand, music licence-free workouts – and that’s it. They just click to start the workout. 

Every one of the online classes is led by a world-best instructor, with categories spanning everything from HIIT to mind-body, strength and conditioning to dance, weight loss to kids’ programming and far more besides. 

It’s all here, whether your residents are looking for ‘me time’, family time or simply a way to let out some stress and hang on to a positive mindset – always a challenge in the winter months, and never more so than in this difficult year.

With your own Web Player, you provide your residents with a safe and practical solution that helps them stay fit and well from the comfort of their own homes – and all delivered under your brand. 

But that’s not all. You also give them absolutely priceless access to a fitness community – something that will support not only their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing. An amenity that will surely stand the test of time. 


To find out more, please contact me at johanna.bell@wexer.com




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