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What are the key considerations when scoping out the fitness provision for your multi-family housing development?

The first point to note is this: fitness provision doesn’t have to mean an on-site gym.

Some people simply aren’t comfortable exercising in a gym environment; others are looking for a more diverse offering than might typically be found in an on-site facility; yet others are seeking a more flexible experience.

And this diversification in resident mindset has only been magnified since COVID turned all of our lives upside-down – and adoption of online fitness surged.

Indeed, so dramatic has been the recent swing in wellness habits that arguably the first consideration for a multi-family housing developer, when it comes to fitness, must be the online provision.

It’s about offering the activities residents want – and people will want them, with health and wellness forefront in everyone’s minds these days – in a way they can be consumed wherever, and indeed whenever, residents want.

This is where digital channels come into their own, and why Wexer represents the ideal partner for multi-family housing developers looking to serve the diverse needs of their residents.


Wellness in the palm of your hand

Our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to more people through the use of technology, putting a world of choice and exercise inspiration in the palm of their hands. It’s why tools such as the Wexer Web Player are so well suited to the multi-family housing environment: a web-based portal that allows residents to stream their choice of fitness and wellbeing content to any internet-enabled device, any time, anywhere.

The Web Player has always included access to hundreds of music licence-free, on-demand classes curated from our global content partners – something for everyone, no matter what their interests or fitness experience. That remains the case.

But if you’d also like to create and upload your own content, produced with your specific resident profile in mind, that’s now possible too thanks to a new feature – Connect – which effectively hands you your own TV channel. Whether you choose to live stream, pre-record and schedule or make content available on-demand – or all of the above – Connect allows you to bring high quality wellness content to your residents 24/7, wherever they may be.

Whether it’s yoga in the living room to start the day, a workout in the park or communal grounds, a cookery workshop that residents can follow from their own kitchens, or a quick meditation session in bed before turning off the light at night – the combination of Wexer partner content and your own creations makes the Web Player a world-class platform to serve your residents’ wellbeing needs.


Robust, reliable and ownable

There are additional benefits to you too, as the residential developer/operator.

First is the unparalleled reliability of the Wexer system. Users will bring their device and an internet connection to the table, you may want to add your own content, but the back end is our responsibility and our stats speak for themselves: across all our clients in more than 50 countries, our system is up and running more than 99.9%of the time.

We can also white label the portal for you, so residents perceive it as an added value offering that comes directly from you. It’s password-protected, so you can offer it exclusively to your residents. And if you want to monetise some or all of the content, that’s possible too through a series of paywall options.

Meanwhile, data gathered on usage patterns means you’re able to fine-tune the service to perfectly suit the residents in each and every development, tailoring class collections and Connect content to meet the specific demand at each of your locations.

This is a truly premium offering that can cost-effectively be made available to all residents.


Virtual studios

Meanwhile, for those residents who do want to train in a dedicated space, you might like to consider creating a virtual group exercise studio.

These can be created in just about any space, whether that’s an existing exercise room or an under-used communal area: just add a large screen, a high-quality AV system for an inspirational environment, and a Wexer Player.

With over 1,500 different classes on offer – from HIIT to mind-body, strength to dance, kids’ activities to classes for an older population – Wexer Virtual caters for every possible resident profile.

It also dovetails perfectly with the Web Player, whose curated selection of classes – from Zumba to CYBEROBICS, Intelligent Cycling to MegaMace, BOXX to Move123 – can all be found on the Wexer Virtual platform too. It means residents can take part in their favourite class at home, in the park or in your studio – a seamless experience that fits around them.

The Wexer Virtual timetable can be scheduled, or else you can leave the system running on-demand, with residents able to choose whatever class they like at any time of the day or night; with the world’s top instructors on-screen offering in-depth explanations, tips and coaching, you can be confident your residents are in safe hands.

And all of this on a robust, commercial-grade platform with the aforementioned 99.9% up-time, supported by a tech team who are on-hand 24/7 to quickly address any issues that do arise.

It all comes together to make Wexer the perfect partner for an environment such as an apartment building, where potential 24/7 usage makes seamless reliability key.


To find out more, please contact me at johanna.bell@wexer.com








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